This page contains some useful information for new and current parents of children attending Stepping Stones.

What to bring

·      Spare nappies - we do not store nappies in the Centre.  Please bring spare nappies if your child is not toilet trained as yet. 

·      Stepping Stones staff will change your child’s nappy only if you are not in the building e.g.  The Preparation for School Group.  However, you will need to leave spare nappies in their bag.

·      Bring your own feeding bottle or cup if your child has a favourite one and will only have a drink from it.  However, Stepping Stones will encourage your child to drink from a cup or use a straw.

Please note that Stepping Stones staff are unable to administer feeds by NG tube or gastrostomy.

·      Anything special your child may need - glasses, hearing aids etc.

Please note that Stepping Stones cannot be held responsible for your personal belongings.


Please Do

Sign in the register in the foyer when you arrive and when you leave. This is very important for fire safety reasons  

Please Don't

The adult who brings in the child must take the responsibility to leave with the child.  If someone else is collecting the child please ensure that you have made this arrangement with staff.  

Dress your child in suitable clothing for floor play and messy play and bring a change of clothing.  

Do not wear your best clothes or anything that cannot be washed. The main play room often has glue and paint around and we would hate to spoil your child’s clothes.  

You may attend with siblings who are pre-school aged – under 3 years

Do not attend with children of school age. We are not insured to accommodate older children

Help the staff by taking your child to and from the different rooms when asked

Do not bring home made food to the centre as our children may have allergies.

Ring the project if you are unable to attend

Do not attend if you, your child or pre-school siblings are unwell to minimise the risk of passing on illness to other children  

Toys, books and equipment

Stepping Stones operates a lending library of toys, books and specialist equipment. You will be required to sign in the ‘borrowing book’ when you borrow an item of equipment. A member of staff will help you.  It will be signed off when you return the item.



The Stepping Stones centre consists of a parents’/carers’ room, offices and specially equipped play rooms for one to one work and group work.  There is a designated parking area for families, free of charge.

Fire drills take place twice a year.   If your child is not with you when the fire alarm sounds, the staff working with your child will bring him/her out with them.  Please do not go looking for your child.  You will be shown around the building on your first session at Stepping Stones and the fire exits pointed out to you

Please note that smoking is not permitted in the building or the gardens. 


Stepping Stones Staff

Stepping Stones staff consists of a Service Co-ordinator and Project Workers.  Some of the staff rotate through the sessions on a termly basis but the Service Co-ordinator is present on most days. 


Other Staff

Stepping Stones has visits from other professionals/ therapists on a regular basis - Speech and Language Therapist; Occupational Therapist; Educational Psychologist; Specialist Health Visitor, Child Disability Team and Specialist Teachers.  Children will be offered these services as referred, not as routine.



Stepping Stones is supported by dedicated volunteers who may help out in sessions/office work. They have all had police checks and references taken up.



Stepping Stones would welcome a contribution of up to £3 per session. There is a charge of 20p for tea/coffee for parents.

Parents are requested to have their tea/coffee in the parents’ room or kitchen. Please note that the parents’ room is a ‘Child Free Zone’.  Stepping Stones Children’s Centre will not accept any responsibility if you take your child in there and he/she is involved in an accident in this room.


Mobile Phones

If you need to receive or make a call, please use the parent’s room, sitting room or the outside of the building.  Mobiles should not be used wherever children are present.


General Information

Stepping Stones has several notice boards. Please read them regularly in order that you and your child don’t miss out on any updated information. 


Key Worker

A member of staff will be linked to you as your key-worker when you start at the Centre.   You can discuss any queries you have with your named worker.    If you have any comments, queries, contributions or complaints you can discuss them with your key worker or Service Coordinator. Alternatively you can make your comments or complaints to

Action for Children 3 The Boulevard, Ascot Road, Watford, WD18 8AG.  Telephone: 01923 361500

Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) South West, Government Buildings, Picton Terrace, Carmarthen, SA31 3BT Tel: 0300 7900 126

We hope that you enjoy your time at Stepping Stones.

Please note that your child’s file will be kept secure & confidential.  It is Action for Children policy that files are stored in the project and thereafter archived. 

Please make an appointment with the Service Coordinator if you wish to view your child’s file whilst attending Stepping Stones.