Stepping Stones Children’s Centre provides services for pre-school children who have an emerging or diagnosed disability. They are referred to the Centre by the Health team - Community Paediatrician, Therapists or Psychologists.  Parents/carers will then be offered a home visit, where they will have the opportunity to meet a member of staff and ask questions about the service.  During this visit, parents/carers will be required to complete a Health and Safety form, a medical consent form, an initial assessment form and a service agreement contract.

Staff at Stepping Stones work mainly through the medium of English and introduce key phrases in Welsh. We also have access to translators should a family need this service.  If you have problems understanding  any literature presented to you, please speak to a member of staff who will be happy to assist you.  This will be treated in confidence.

Stepping Stones provides services for up to 10 children per session.   Parent/carer who accompany their child to the project, sign themselves and their child in the register which is in the foyer and remain at the project for the duration of the session.  The same parent/carer will sign themselves and their child out at the end of session.   Pre-school aged siblings are allowed to attend Stepping Stones.

In the case of the ‘Preparation for School’ session (where the child is dropped off at the Centre), the same parent/carer bringing the child in, will be expected to pick the child up at the end of session, unless prior arrangements are made with a member of staff.

The morning sessions run from 9.15a.m – 11.45 p.m. and the afternoon sessions from 12.45pm – 3.00 p.m.  Sessions which take place at Stepping Stones include –

  • General Development Sessions - staff work with the children  on a one-to-one basis  in different areas of play and development
  • Preparation for School Group - emphasis is on separation, turn-taking and small group work in a nursery routine in readiness for school.

Qualified staff will devise an individual development file for each child in conjunction with the parent. This will be reviewed each term. Parents will also receive a progress report detailing their child’s development at the end of each term. 

Places at Stepping Stones are in great demand. It is important that you inform the Centre, if you are unable to attend or no longer require the service.

If a family misses three consecutive sessions (informed or uninformed) or hardly attends, the Project Manager will contact you and the referrer and your place may be offered to another child.

Parents/carers will be asked to complete an evaluation form on the service when they leave the Centre.

Action for Children Stepping Stones is provided in partnership with -


Families First

Flying Start

Friends of Stepping Stones