Friends of Stepping Stones is an organisation which was started by families whose children attend or attended the Stepping Stones project, and who want to provide fundraising and support for the Centre. FoSS has existed since 2000 in its current form, and obtained independent charity status in March 2009.  

Stepping Stones should be available to all children in the Swansea area with a disability, but due to funding restrictions this is not possible and therefore the referring health professionals must decide amongst potential attendees. Even once this has been done there are still waiting lists. However, more staff at Stepping Stones means that more children can attend the project, and so Friends of Stepping Stones is trying to improve staffing levels in order to ensure that the maximum number of children can attend the project.

Friends of Stepping Stones is an organisation that collects funds on behalf of Stepping Stones and gifts these funds to the Centre for appropriate projects. 

Since 2000, Friends of Stepping Stones has provided a people carrier to ensure that all families have the opportunity to attend regardless of means, provided 2-3 year fixed-term project worker posts, and provided funding for two extra afternoon sessions to be run. 

Friends of Stepping Stones is committed to maximising the service to the disabled children and families of Swansea, allowing as many as possible to attend and receive as great as possible a benefit from attending. 

We know from experience (of our own children attending) how valuable the Stepping Stones project is, and many of our children would not be where they are today without the help of all the staff at Stepping Stones. We want that service to be available to everyone who needs it, and that is why we do what we do, striving to give the disabled pre-school children of Swansea the best start in life that they can have.